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LTD Jiangsu Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export

Founded in 1973, Jiangsu Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export Group Corp.(abbreviated as JCOF) has earned an accumulated total exportation value of USD 5 billion. It has been ranked for 10 consecutive years as one of the top 200 corporations

JCOF handles over 500 pieces of merchandise, which fall into 15 categories. the major products include rice, forage, canned food, seafood, beans, fresh and frozen vegetables, dehydrated and salted vegetables, meat and poultry,live stock and condiments. In recent years, JCOF has expanded its product line to some non-food-related commodities such as electronic instruments, apparel,medicine etc.The exportation of these new commodities is continuously increasing year by year. Owning to many years of great efforts, JCOF's own brands, "JCOF" and "Gold Plum" , have gained international recognition and established outstanding image in foreign markets. The crawfish and canned mandarin orange of JCOF brand, and Chinkiang vinegar, sesame oil and dried pork floss of Gold Plum brand, have successfully found their way into Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Hong Kong and Macao and won the endorsement of local consumers. And Gold Plum brand dried pork floss, Chinkiang vinegar, sesame oil were ever awarded "Gold Prize" by the French International Gourmet and Tourism Association. In 2002, JCOF passed the ISO 9001:2000 certification. With the tenet of "First-class Quality, Credit and Service", JCOF emphasizes on the strategy of developing own famous brands and is devoted to practicing the theory of "Green and Healthy Foodstuffs". Applying more creditable spirits, and stricter enterprise managements, the JCOF people will exert ourselves to supply market-oriented products of good quality, and sincere service of first class, so as to expand business corporation with worldwide friends. Common development and mutual benefit is our final target.

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Country: China
City: NanJing City
Address: 528, S. Taiping Road, Nanjing P.R. China.
Phone: +86 (025) 5285-17-66
Fax: +86 (025) 5285-16-92
E-mail: kkzl90@hotmail.com
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